Privacy Policy


OPK’s services gradually go beyond the borders of one country. This globalization demands not only the accessibility of communication and information systems across the OPK e Services group, but also the worldwide processing, sharing and use of multiple types of information including personal information, contact number, email address, and more


This policy applies to all OPK e Services personnel, operating units, and exclusively owned divisions worldwide and as transferred with business partners who must act steadily with the principles confined in the policy. The application of these principles is completely described in the applicable OPK Corporate Instructions relating to processing personal information. All our users are suggested to read this policy along with the company guidelines for the use and processing of personal information to recognize how OPK plans to accomplish the set principles.


OPK knows its responsibility for any personal details that it may receive, use, process, and store as a part of its business. Therefore, it will:


OPK will appliance practical technical measures to protect your personal details and educate third parties processing personal information on behalf of OPK to process and manage it in a manner which is consistent with OPK standards or from client standards.

Disclosure and Data Sharing

OPK will make personal details available inside or outside OPK under suitable conditions for business purpose only or as authorized by law. Here, we will implement privacy principles for the use/ processing/ storing of personal details as may be recommended under applicable laws.

Enforcement and Redressal

OPK will offer suitable robust appliances for assuring compliance with the principles, and address grievance and provide recourse for users who are affected by non-compliance with the policies.